Preventing sightloss in ageing – 15 November 2016

Preventing sight loss in an ageing population: The role of screening and early diagnosis in identifying eye diseases as comorbidities of non-communicable diseases

Event at:
MEP Restaurant, Ground Floor
European Parliament, Brussels
Tuesday, 15 November 2016
08.00 – 09.30

As we age, we are at greater risk of particular eye diseases and, if not treated, of losing our sight. Many eye diseases are asymptomatic in their early stages and patients are often unaware of their condition until the disease is more advanced. Eye diseases are also often a co-morbidity to non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes. All too often this vision loss is irreversible.

A panel of experts from across the eye health field will discuss how sight loss can be prevented through early detection of eye diseases and adequate treatment. A position paper highlighting the need to enhance screening, promote research and increase access to specialists will be presented at the event.

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